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A GPS Tracker Means A Safe Care Of Treasured Belongings


GPS is a steering and spot tracking system made up of more than twenty four satellites orbiting the distinctive regions of globe. A GPS tracking system at very first established for military purposes but it become available for general public for safety purposes without any setup charges and subscription fees. Now you can strap up with the power of this satellite system using GPS navigational and tracking devices to identify, track and even log the exact same location for your device and plot it on an electronic map. It can also help in planning the best route in order to get a particular destination along with other vital information such as distance, speed, bearing, exact time and various other associated terms.

GPS navigators and GPS tracking devices are distinct with their associated functionalities. A GPS navigator is meant to identify the exact location on 2D or 3D digital map along with landmarks, street information and other directional information that can be helpful for you to identify your location to an alien location. GPS navigators are generally installed on a car or a boat and as being portable they are compact enough to carry them anywhere. They also include some features like internet browsers, multimedia players and so on. Where as a GPS tracking devices are being used to determine the exact location of vehicle, person or property to which device has been attached to. Attached device has an ability to record and store the location based on preset intervals.

GPS tracker mostly used to track the exact location of an asset or property, a person or vehicle that you require monitoring. Device sends information like speed, altitude, time and exact location to a recipient server at regular intervals for further analysis. Due to its tiny size, it can be easily placed at hidden locations within an asset or person that you are tracking. It also performs various functions and mainly used for law enforcement by authorities on scrutiny and tracking for unlawful actions. Most of private investigators use it extensively to monitor the situations and behavioral patterns.

If you are involving in reselling of these devices, you can make good business marketing them to private individuals making use of GPS trackers in order to track assets like valuable artifacts, vehicles and animals of their own.  You can more expend your market by covering various business owners, taxi companies, courier companies and car rental owners to track the location and route patterns of their fleet in real time. GPS trackers can be equipped with a mobile device and starts sending tracking signals in regular intervals or even can send SMS massages during the time of stress. Whether it is about caring for children, parents or keeping an eye over a business, GPS tracker plays excellent role and yet proof itself a higher security unit for peoples.

GPS tracker is a great device for security prospects. I not only secure from various hazards but it also provides a piece of mind while working in office. So keep yourself busy with work without being in any kind of security concerns. For more information please visit. http://www.gps-teknik.se/


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A Gps Tracker Means Higher Security And Complete Insurance Of Safety

Auto theft is an immersing problem which most of the peoples encounter throughout the year globally. Hence it becomes necessary to keep eyes on esteemed chattels. Keeping closed attention all the time by watching antiques, valuable assets, eying on babies and the family members suffer from any health issues in not possible for all the time. Fortunately, a gps tracker is here which is able to make all your problems simple by its good performance.

GPS trackers have wide impact over the market worldwide and they have been highly recommended by the peoples due to their outstanding performance. A GPS tracker is a device which tracks accurate location of a vehicle, person and all esteemed chattels to which it is attached to record the position at regular intervals. Recorded location data stores in the tracking unit, or transmits to a central location database or to the internet connected computer by the use of GPRS, satellite modem or radio rooted in the unit.

This high tech device is widely used by most of the countries to perform better in various fields. Some of them also have connected their sanding trucks and street sweepers with this unit and planning to equip with the rest convoy.  Forestry vehicle are also in target. GPS is not a simple tracking system but is also increases the efficiency of workers by tracking them closely.

 GPS tracker is widely accepted not only by government body but it is highly recommended by common peoples in general. A number of gps trackers namely vehicle tracker, gps personal tracker and various others are available in market to work as safeguards. A gps personal tracker offers higher standard safeguards for family members. A vehicle tracker, which is efficient to prevent from being your vehicle theft or other associated issues.

A gps tracker works with four global gsm bands 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz and it can be used worldwide. It is suitable to offer safeguards for pets, children and adults as well. GPS tracker to be must in use if going for camping or hiking to keep your loved ones safe and secured. It also offers faith that your children is in library and performing research and not in a trip of mall for a hangout with their friends and collogues.

In case you have any elder member of family with Alzheimer’s problem then it offers safety that they are not away more than a phone call. You can also prevent your pet by equipping them with these gps trackers and prevent from various hazards. In case of missing they can be easily tracked by the help of this tracking system. So don’t stay backside and go ahead to choose from GSM/GPS tracker, GPS car tracker & alarm, GPS data logger, navigator and other to find your preferred one.

GPS tracker is a great device for security prospects. I not only secure from various hazards but it also provides a piece of mind while working in office. So keep yourself busy with work without being in any kind of security concerns. For more information please visit. http://www.gps-teknik.se/ 

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Portable GPS system

Since GPS technology became available, the types of devices that can contain one, has increased in amazing ways. You probably have or know someone who has a GPS unit in the car. Technically, a car GPS is a portable GPS system since it has wheels and moves around. Other, newer devices that contain a portable GPS system are just as popular.

Serious Portable GPS Systems

many of the devices containing a portable GPS system are used for business, emergencies services and other very serious matters. The mobile phone is the one that you’re most likely to have. After several people called 911 but were unable to give their location, a law was passed requiring mobile phones to contain a GPS signal emitter.  Now, a 911 cell phone caller can be located as surely as someone calling from a home phone. PDAs can be used by delivery people, sales people, repair people and others who need to find their way, have their positions tracked or keep track of their calls. Some software can work with a GPS to create routes that are efficient by grouping customers together by location.
Surveyors use a very precise portable GPS system to plan roads, map fields, and locate survey markers and boundaries. Besides PDAs, laptops can be equipped with a Global Positioning System as well as software to use the signal for mapping, traveling and many other purposes. Police and Fire services find new ways to save lives with different types of portable GPS system every day.

Fun Stuff

All technology eventually gets turned into playthings and the portable GPS system is no different. Remember that tracking your own position isn’t the only way to use a portable GPS system. You can track the position of something – or someone – else, too.

Competitive glider pilots use a portable GPS system to prove that they reached race markers. Geocaching is a game where a small item emitting a GPS signal is hidden and players with PDAs compete to find it. Now that watches and cameras can be found with a portable GPS system, the possibilities are endless.

The camera can imprint photos with the latitude and longitude of the place where they were taken. This is very useful for vacations. Small units can be used to track pets and other things that might wander off. Besides doing fun things, just having some of the odder new items equipped with a portable GPS system is pretty fun, too.
It seems that GPS is here to stay. And if it isn’t here, well, we can probably track it.

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Mobile GPS

While GPS technology doesn’t require a great deal of space, the software that adds the functionality expected by the consumer does. Software, once created, gets improved by getting smaller. Not all functions are needed by all consumers and these are the facts that have resulted in smaller GPS units that are allowing more mobile GPS technologies.

Small Packages

A GPS unit only requires a radio emitter and a clock to work. The emitter sends the time reading of the clock to the satellites overhead. The satellites calculate the amount of time it took for the radio signal to reach them and figure the distance from that. Three or four satellites compare their locations and the amount of time the signal took to reach them. They are then able to arrive at a location within about six inches depending on the accuracy of the unit’s clock.

If the location is meant to be transmitted to a third party, the mobile GPS unit can be small enough to clip to a pet’s collar or fit into a cell phone. It can make an expensive watch virtually impossible to steal or take up such a small space that a PDA has room left over for some pretty nifty software.

Portable Packages

The portability of a mobile GPS device allows a consumer to come up with different uses for it. Besides plotting navigation or tracking objects and living things, it can use the data as information in applications. Recently, a small camera with a mobile GPS unit was released. It keeps track of the places where the pictures were taken and can be used to create digital maps using the photos to mark locations. This is a creative step forward in using GPS technology.

Though larger, laptops are just as portable as other types of mobile GPS devices. GPS attachments are easily added to laptops with a USB cable. Different types of software can be used for a variety of reasons. A laptop GPS unit can be used in a car to navigate a route and then store the information for business reports later.

Before taking a mobile GPS to use on a flight, check with the airline. Many allow a GPS at some times during the flight, whereas others do not allow it at all. A few airlines include a GPS locator in the seat back TV.

Soon, many more uses for the mobile GPS device will be developed and a few years from now we will wonder how we managed without them.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Using GPS vehicle tracking has long been a key part of the military’s ability to track the enemy and discover locations that are necessary for their particular operations. This system’s technology is vital to operations that involve scouting and location sites which may not be located on any major mapping devices or any other discernable range of area. With GPS vehicle tracking, the military can zero in on the basic coordinates of certain vehicles or structures which house vehicles and determine their precise location within seconds. This type of information can be vital to the success of an operation. Police officers have also been known to use GPS vehicle tracking as a way of keeping tabs on suspects and fugitives. This enables them to maintain active contact with the location of the vehicle that they are pursuing and means that they can connect to the vehicles location with great ease without needing an exact visual. This type of communication and connection proves to be very important in police pursuits and other matters of law enforcement, maintaining the notion that GPS tracking is changing the way people operate their vehicles.


Other Uses for GPS Tracking


There are, of course, many different uses for GPS vehicle tracking technology that go beyond the official usages of law enforcement or the military. In fact, many people in normal situations are using GPS tracking to keep tabs on some important people in their lives or to keep tabs on their vehicles when they are out of town.


Some people use a GPS system on their vehicle as a type of anti-theft device. These devices may even come with a vehicle lockdown switch that would enable the owner to shut the engine off once they sense an unauthorized vehicle movement. This type of connection to the vehicle has proven to be very important for many users.


GPS vehicle tracking can also be great for keeping tabs on those teenage kids that tend to take the family car to places they shouldn’t be. It may seem like snooping, and it probably is, but there is no substitute for being safe and knowing where your kids are.


With GPS technology, you can keep an eye on your vehicle and be reassured that it is driving safely at proper speeds and that your children are safe, too. There is no doubt that GPS vehicle tracking technology can make your life as a parent a lot easier.

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GPS System

GPS system consists of three components- the components in the universe, control components and custom components.

Component in the universe

Component in the universe consists of GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. The number and arrangement of satellites has changed over time, and improved technical performance, as the GPS system is developed. Satellites from the BLOCK I are in operation from 1978. until 1985. and until now they are all out of function.

The original concept of Block II satellites are 24 GPS satellites that move in 6 orbital planes, equally spaced in relation to the Earth, which are tilted at an angle of 55 ° to the equatorial plane. Orbital plane is not rotated in reference to the stars. Each Space planes has a range of 4 satellites, the orbits are nearly circular (eccentricity ellipse 1 °), each properly arranged by the circle orbit, at an angle of 90 degrees. Diameter orbit is about four times larger than the diameter of the Earth and each one of the satellite orbit their range for 12 hours, so that in relation to the surface of the Earth, each satellite circle the same path every day. This number and the proper arrangement of the satellites ensure that each point on Earth is covered by at least four satellites at any time. The four satellites are needed to determine the position of a GPS receiver.

Since the satellites come out from function or for maintenance, failure or expiration of working life, the Earth orbit more satellites and currently 24 of them are active.

Control component

The control component consists of tracking satellite stations and land’s antennas. Satellite tracking stations are located in Hawaii, the island of Diego Garcia, and Colorado Springs in Colorado. The role of these stations is to monitor the movement of satellite data and to send them to the main control station in Colorado Springs. These calculations are performed over land and antennas located on the other places and then the information about their exact position and time are sent to satellites. Updating is done twice a day, which made a fine setting of the system. Newer generation of satellites is able to communicate and synchronize data and the accuracy of determining the position would not be significantly impaired even when the satellites worked independently of the control components of the Earth for days.

User components

User components are the GPS receivers on the Earth. Receivers can be components included in other devices such as mobile phone, clock, and the like, or stand-alone devices. For example, a GPS receiver based on SiRF Star III chip has dimensions of only 12 x 15 mm. Second, individual devices have a display for displaying the position, velocity and / or time and may have interfaces with other devices.

Basic components of GSP receiver are antennas those are set to the frequency of the GPS satellites, crystal oscillator, which serves as a clock and a microprocessor that processes signals. Receivers are often described by how many channels they have. Each channel is followed by a satellite. Older models had four to five channels, and today mostly 12 to 20 channels. For More Information Please visit. http://www.gps-teknik.se/

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GPS Satellite

Global Positioning System (GPS) is currently the only completely functional global navigation satellite system (Ford Global Navigation Satellite System – GNSS). GPS consists of 24 satellites deployed in Earth orbit, which sends radio signals to the surface of the Earth. GPS receivers are based on these radio signals those can determine its exact position – altitude, latitude and longitude – anywhere on the planet during day or night, in all weather conditions.

GPS has a great application as a global service in various areas, commercial and scientific purposes: navigation at sea, land and air, soil mapping, making maps, determining the time, the detection of earthquakes and the like. GPS was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense named NAVSTAR GPS in the DARPA (some sources say that the abbreviation of the NAVSTAR Navigation Signal Timing and GPS ranging, while others say that it is randomly selected sound name given by John Walsh, a person who had a role in deciding the fate of the project).

In the beginning, GPS was used exclusively for military purposes, but it was later made to be available and free to all as a public good. Annual maintenance costs of the system are about 750 million U.S. dollars.


GPS Receiver is a device that calculates its position based on the measurement of the distance of three or more GPS satellites. Each satellite emits microwave radio signal sequence that is known to the receiver. When the receiver gets the signal, he is able to determine the time elapsed since the broadcast radio signal from the satellite came to the reception at his position. Distance from the satellite receiver is calculated on the basis of the time, since the radio signal travels at a known speed. The signal also carries information about the current position of satellites from which he is broadcasted. If you know the distance from the satellite receiver and satellite positions, it is known that the receiver is located somewhere in the sphere of specific dimensions in the center of satellite. Since the position of three satellites is known, the receiver distance from each of them, we can determine the position of the receiver by using the procedure of alteration. This is based on the fact that the three spheres intersect at most two points (one of which usually does not make sense).

This approach involves working with the clocks on all satellites while the receiver is completely synchronized to the time gap between the known sequence of signals from the satellite and the receiver’s which is accurately measured. On the satellites there are atomic clocks those are very precise and expensive. However, the receiver has a far less accurate clock, a crystal oscillator. Lack of precision is solved by measurement of distance from another satellite. The clock on the receiver has the same mistake of the time and the space during calculation of distance from all four satellites.  It can be calculated for how much to adjust the clock to create the intersection of all four spheres at the same point. In this way, the clock in the receiver continuously adjusts. One of the applications of GPS is very precise calculation of time and clock synchronization. For More Information Please visit. http://www.gps-teknik.se/